Call for Papers

Upcoming Plant Physiology Focus Issues

2018 Focus Issue on Cell Dynamics (January 2018)

Editors: Dan Szymanski, Diane Bassham, Teun Munnik, and Wataru Sakamoto

To be published in January 2018, this focus issue will provide a series of invited Update Reviews on hot topics in plant cell biology, with broad coverage of the major plant organelles and cytoskeletal systems and research articles on dynamic processes of plant cells. The issue will highlight new research that uncovers mechanistic details of the dynamic function of plant cells. Studies that include multivariate live cell imaging, computational modeling of cells, tissues, and organs, or technology development centered on imaging are particularly encouraged.

Focus Issue on Energy: Light and Oxygen Dynamics (February 2018)

Editors: Ronald Pierik, Julia Bailey-Serres, Alexander Ruban, and Astrid Wingler

This Focus Issue will consider topics ranging from cellular processes to developmental decisions, in the context of the organism and its interactions with a dynamic and challenging environment. Contributions might include mechanistic studies on light perception and signal transduction, energy sensing and metabolism, as well as low oxygen cues and responses. Submissions within this broad theme that advance mechanistic knowledge to improve crops are welcomed.

Focus Issue on Biotic Stress

Editors: Hailing Jin, Melissa Goellner Mitchum, Ralph Panstruga, and Julie Stone
Deadline for submission: August 1, 2018

Plants are constantly attacked by pathogens and pests, including bacteria, fungi, oomycetes, viruses, insects and nematodes. Devastating diseases caused by these pathogens to pre- and post-harvested crops threaten human health and the stability of global economies. Many diverse factors impact the evolutionary arms race that has shaped vast biological complexities dictating plant host interactions with pathogens and pests. Pathogen/pest virulence, abundance and geographic range, host plant resistance or compatibility, and environmental conditions all influence disease severity, yield and quality. Thus, research aimed at fully understanding the mechanisms by which plants either defend against, or succumb to infection/infestation is of paramount importance to facing the global challenges of feeding a burgeoning population amidst a changing climate. In this context, it is likewise essential to comprehend the molecular principles that microbial and other invaders deploy to enable colonization and exploitation of plant hosts. The ultimate application of these studies is to develop innovative and eco-friendly disease control strategies for plant protection. This Focus Issue on Biotic Stress will showcase Update reviews on recent advances in the field and primary research articles covering all research areas on plant host interactions with pathogens and pests.